About ACME Certifications Pvt. Ltd.

Deliver inovative solution

ACME Certifications provides services that help clients create accountability and mitigate risk. Through extensive research, auditing, inspection, testing and certification, we help to instil confidence in the products, services and systems created, designed and implemented throughout the entire supply chain.

As a trusted certification body, ACME develops long-term partnerships with clients, assisting in the innovation and development of products and services, enabling continued commercial growth in both the India and Global marketplaces, while remaining reassuringly impartial.

Our Vision & Mission

The creation of a world-class environment.
To be the catalyst for the development of the application of safe, technically excellent and innovative solutions for a better environment.

Our Values

• Courage - to challenge and speak up when needed.
• Integrity - to act without fear or favour.
• Rigour - we strive for excellence and will never compromise on our standards.
• Collaboration - with each other, our clients and the industry.

Our People

ACME was founded with a belief that experience is worth celebrating. That's why our people are diverse and dedicated to innovation and continuous improvement, operating with the highest level of integrity, and constantly striving to delight our clients, and deliver on our commitments.

Our Accreditation

We are IAS Accredited

Download - Scope of Accreditation

Visit www.iasonline.org for current accreditation infomration.